Well is relative!

Well, did I have a pity party there, or what?


I’m entitled.

I DO feel abandoned.

I DO wish they’d call.

I DO wish they weren’t so pointed in their disdain.


I DIDN’T hover.

I DIDN’T overprotect.

I DIDN’T abuse or hurt or ignore.

I DIDN’T bully.


I DID bake my fair share of cookies for bake sales.

I DID allow our fair share of crazy kid parties.

I DID enjoy seeing their friends.

I DID allow independence and freedom.

I DID encourage decision-making.

I DID allow them to endure the consequences of their actions.

I DID offer advice.

I DID keep quiet.

I DID sometimes worry when I did!

I DID think our family was special.


I AM confident.

I AM confident I’m not perfect!

I AM confident I tried always to make the best decisions.


I AM NOT going to wallow in my sadness.


I AM NOT going to lose hope.

I AM NOT going to give up!


And now.  I think I SHALL sip some lemonade and get back to work!


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