Loaded fer Bear!

Don’t matter much who I am, but who I AM!

So let’s get down to partic’lars….

My name, first and last and middle, though not in that order, is Lucille Mary Magdalene Goodwell.  And if you were to call me anything but Luce you would feel my wrath.   I am loaded for bear near all the time, ‘less I got my nose in a book, and don’t give a rat’s be-hind who cares or who don’t.  Don’t make me popular, but it shore gives me respect and a place at the table.

I live with my family of too many children and too many horses and too many chickens, and just enough love and care if them things light yer fire.  I land somewheres in the middle, at fourteen years and some months.  We got kin cross the county and beyond and I can near whoop ’em all, least the all but the a-dults, and them I reckon I could take, too.  I got uncles in the war in Germany and and some in Japan and would give my eye teeth and my hound dog to be there alongside one day.   Our dirt farm lies durned near dead center of God’s U-nited States and if I cain’t fight to protect her, seein’ as I was born a girl,  I reckon I’ll be satisfied for the time bein’ at jest bein’ right proud.

I got the short end o’ the stick when it come to looks. My hair frizzes out its braids, my nose is splattered with freckles, my eyes changes colors on a whim.  But I can purt-near run faster, climb higher, and strike faster than plumb anyone else in these parts, and frankly, I scare the daylights outta most ever youngster this side o’ Kansas City.  I’m smarter and slyer than anyone else in these parts, lest you consider little brother Liam and cousin Marie-France.  Liam, though, he’s one of them thoughtful types, always lookin’ at situation from this side and that.  And Marie-France, she knows she’s clever and ain’t shy in lettin’ folks know.  And there-in lays they downfall.  I perfer stealth.  And a strong right cross.

For what it’s worth, I am also an accomplished liar, and can switch from truth to untruth then back again ‘thout blinkin’ an eye. Doubt you nor anybody else can discern the diff-rnce.

So when Marie-France told me her secret, that she’d run across then’d tucked away a excaped German from over to the POW camp other side o’ the county,  me’n her, we knew the days ahead would be a shy piece diff’rnt from them lying behind.

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