“Cuttin’ it Fine!”

Hi, Everybody!

(Does anyone else get a “Simpsons’ moment” when they say that in their heads?)


Thanks for stopping by.  I’m using the Blogging 101 and 201 exercises to stretch my work a little.  It’s a great way to organize thoughts and play with words and styles.

I’ve been working on speaking through my Dad, relating old family stories (and variations of the same) for a year or so.  Thanks for any comments you may have.  One day, I may publish in a more cohesive and formal manner.  For now, though, I’m actually eager to just get them all out there.

Three goals

1.  Gather the family tales.

2.  Goad my daddy into telling me more!

3.  Guarantee they’re written in his voice!

There are heaps and piles, so I just keep pushin’ in that shovel, and tossin’ it over my shoulder.  Who KNOWS what’ll come flyin’ out!




Whoppers and Yarns and Story-tellin’


We’re havin’ us some time, aren’t we?

Some o’you I met, some o’you I ain’t.  And if I ain’t, why, howdy-do!

A red-bloodied USA American boy, it’s 1942, I live in Denton County Missouri, one’ o’whole slew o’family I got one end the county to the other’n.  I’m thirteen, got me seven rascal brothers and even rascallier sisters.  I got a brother Lincoln, he rides rodeo.  I got a brother Lawrence handsomer than the Devil hisself and muscles bulgin’ and tensin’ top o’his head to his dirty feet,  and a big ol’ smile drawin’ girls like flies.

He seems to like that.

I got me a sister Livvie who giggles and prisses and dances like a demon when ain’t nobody lookin’.

Luce, she’s another sister.  Tougher than a junkyard dog.  Don’t be crossin’ her at night nor any other time neither. You’ll thank me.

Loreen, she’s ten.  She keeps to herself most times.  She’s a deadeye with a weapon, let me tell you.

Louis and Lawton, they’s the twins, aged seven.  Havin’ them two ’round’s like swattin’ flies, they don’t do nothin’ but pester and buzz in yer ears.   And they’re plumb sneaky, them two.

And me, I’m stuck between Luce  and Loreen.

My name’s Liam and I got me some tales to tell.





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