“No Easy Walk to Freedom”

Welcome to Belles and Whistles and April’s Writing 101!

Jump on board as today, we’re FREE WRITING!  (which to my mind means no edits, no spell correct, no inhibitions, no stops.  Be afraid, very afraid….

When given the opportunity, and I do consider this an opportunity, to write freely, why the word freedom came to mind.  Imagine.  And the partial Nelson Manela quote rose to the top of my brain immediately.

Let’s set the stage.  I’m about as “white bread” (white “bred?! HA!) as they come.  Raised in a fairy tale midwestern family, family dinners every Sunday, tree houses, Grandmas and Grandpas at every turn, good grades, grassy fields, Sting Ray bike with a white banana seat, I lived the life no one believes ever really existed.  

Always protected, but never sheltered, freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of belief, these were all givens, and yes, discussed freely, as well.  Often loudly and with opinions as diverse and changing as the fluffy clouds crossing our blue, blue skies.  So often, the idea of freedom is claimed by those who seem deprived of it, or are deprived of it.  And rightly so.  But those of us who for some reason the universe has blessed, we value it as well.

Oh, sure.  

But that the pain of wrong twists the hearts of those who may not be that moment wronged is wrenching, have no fear.  And for that reason, so many “freedom blessed” walk along side, raised hand in raised hand, with those seeking the same.  

For only in that way, we are ALL on the same path.

For only in that way,  we are ALL headed the same direction.

Truly, there is NOT an easy walk to freedom.  But getting there together eases the pain.


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