“One For the Money, Two For the Show….”

..Three to get ready, now, go, Cat, go!!!

Goals are like rules, meant to be agonized over and pondered and parsed and pummeled and pounded and discarded and then, darn it, plucked right back out of the bin and dusted off for a rethink!


So let’s get after it!


One for the Money!  Practically, Blogging gets me in the game and having folks not just read, but critique and think and offer their own thoughts, and even head down their own new paths, well, that’s the best sort of currency (albeit, maybe more of a barter system…!)  Comments (good or bad or offhand) are my way of keeping score!  As for a concrete amount, I’m flummoxed, as clearly, some (again, good or bad or offhand) have way more value than others…..and THAT depends on the day!


Two for the Show!  Using the format and clever prompts so graciously served up by the Happiness crew, my aim is to play with words, play with style, and be satisfied I crafted something worthy of carrying forward.  So practically, I aim to write five days weekly, produce a piece of a puzzle or a complete picture.


Three to get Ready!  Moments abound.  Ripe and ready for the picking, and poised for the telling.   The prompts decide which story to tell, but that weird bubbly feeling in my belly tells me I’m flush with a few!





(Decided my Blog Title this go’round is “Let ‘er Rip!”  Who knows WHERE that will take us?!)



Belles and Whistles (Pobre Tomat)










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