Not exactly punctuation, but……

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

The word “THAT!”  In nearly every, EVERY, situation, it can be eliminated, exorcised, exterminated, and by gum, be DAMNED!

(Unless we’re speaking a specific thing, like “that coffee cup” or “that great blog”….free pass then…)

One thought on “Not exactly punctuation, but……

  1. Funny you should choose the word “that.” I once had to complete a writing sample for a position I applied for and the feedback was to eliminate the word “that” to make my entry more compelling. Years later, I still go back through my written work and see how many I can take out. It’s true … it makes sentences stronger. (And would you have it, I just used an ellipsis which is my punctuation of choice.)

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