“It’s Good Enough for ME!”



Consider this.

The Marshmallow.

Quite, I say sincerely and with only the slightest bit of jest,  a mouthful…Say it once out loud for the whole world to hear….feel how it moves around your mouth and how your jaw and tongue contort to get it said?  There is simply no way to slide that word surreptitiously into conversation.  It must be done with purpose and forethought, lest one stumble.

Then further, there’s the eating.  A gelatinous blob of white hardened foam rubber floating atop my glorious hot choco, or melted into a waxy white amoeba spread over my fine fettled sweet potatoes sends me into waves of near imbecility.

For it is this, simply this. One simple question.

The Marshmallow.


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