“It’s Good Enough for ME!”

Ponder this.

I ask you, ponder this and offer help, if you see your way.


Consider the fence.  

Made of pickets or slats or concrete or foam rubber or “barbed waar.”

Is it erected to keep something in?  Or perhaps to keep those on the outside….out?

Does it serve to mark boundaries or beginnings?

Is it meant to stop progress or mark progress?

And let’s not even CONSIDER the “sitters on fences” or the “straddlers of fences….” for that conundrum is beyond my capacity.

I say , myself, the fence?  It is meant for one thing….to be overcome. Climbed slowly and with care, or via a catapult or trampoline or with a running leap and outstretched limbs, hurdled and conquered and made a part of history.

Fences to you, pray tell, what are they?  Do you build them?  Do you ignore them?  Do you admire them up close or from afar?  For truly, your answer is as valid as mine!

One thing I do know, I do like seeing fences in my rear view mirror….!


One thought on ““It’s Good Enough for ME!”

  1. Oh how fences to both. I see fences like walls. Keep those out and you in, it’s safer that way. Good questions in this post as they make you think….Some of us or all of has has some sort of wall we build up or fence we put up to protect our self. I know I have….Great post! Keep it up!

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