“Come Hell ‘r High Water”

(Musin’s and confusin’s of my Daddy’s upbringin’)


Now, my Daddy, he’s a crooner.  He hits the highs and the lows and ever’thin’ inbetween, sweet as honey an’ bold as a black bear.

He’s a fiddler, an’ none o’ that slow stuff, now.  His fingers fair make ol’ church ladies kick up their heels.  An’ I ain’t a’whistlin’ Dixie!

My Daddy, he’s got words like velvet, calmin’ angry dogs and children, even talked ol’ Brother Zechariah traveling evangelist down to the church outta playin’ with snakes.  None the wiser they been smoothed, neither, an’ let’d leave it at that.

My Daddy loves my Mama like they ain’t no tomorro’.  They been sweethearts since he was a’bustin’ broncs out to the rodeo days gone by.  Big ol’ belt buckles he’d win, jest like big brother Linc now.  I still catch ’em sneakin’ little winks an’ love pats.  I think it’s real nice.  I seen folks don’t even look t’other’s di-rection.  That hurts my heart somehow.

An’ my Daddy, he don’t take no static.  He’ll stand tall when the situation calls fer it, defendin’ his family at all costs, an’ right over wrong no matter what.  Even to the point of a knock down drag out.  I seen him do it.  More’n once.  (Don’t tell Mama.)

My Daddy, he don’t have no enemies till somebody done him wrong.  Even then, he’ll take the high road and offer another go’round.  He does draw the line , however, when a friend does him dirty.  He values loyalty up there with lovin’ yer neighbor an’ service to God.

But I ain’t never, no, never never ever, seen my Daddy afraid of nothin’.  Not nothin’.


So what I seen, what I thought I seen, my head nor my heart jest won’t let me believe I seen.  What I thought I seen my Daddy feelin’ was not agitation.  Seen that before.

What I thought I seen my Daddy feelin’ was not trepidation nor dread.  Seen them, too.

Nor was it consternation nor worry no perturbation.

What I thought I seen, what I shore hoped I did not see, was somethin’ akin to alarm or panic, with no place to turn and nobody to turn to.

I seen my Daddy by hisself.  But I ain’t never seen him feel alone.


An’ me, that feelin’ overwhelmed me, too, as I stood in the dust stared.



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