Like White on Rice

Blogging! WHAT?!

I’m eager to get my arms around this, although this is just free-thinking.  Choosing three goals, just ASKING me to choose three goals, gives me guidance….and opens the world even more.

Succinctly, and simply, then….

I am writing a blog because I WANT:

1.  …..To remember and document our “Family Story,”  as wide and broad and narrow and minuscule and messy and precise and all-over-the-map as it is!  It may become a book.  It may become a weekly blog.  It may be hidden away in a box for the next generation or the next.  But mostly, the story can’t be lost.

2…….To share and broadcast those stories, encouraging others to think within and without the bounds of these little moments.  There’s just something heartwarming about sharing a moment without even knowing it!  My heart warms near to overheating when I DO know!

3……To get it all in!  So many stories, so little time!  I need encouragement and honest comment.  It’s gas in my tank, battery life in my phone, cupcakes in my tummy!


So, I shall begin.  I don’t know what I don’t know, but I’ll accept any and all comment and aid!  

Be well, friends!