No Edits! No Redos! Tenets for Living a Guilt-free Life!

Not possible, say ye?
Possible and doing it, says me!

Let the sermon commence!

Consider the givens.

Given: We do things, we do. All day, every day, every which way.

No surprise, say ye.
Clearly, says me!

Given: We make choices. All day, every day, every which way.

Duh, say you.
Duh, says me.

Given: We accept and revel in the praise of good decisions made, Well done ME, and….

Given: We readily and with great dispatch place blame on persons and things, animate and not so animate when results are less than stellar. Bad form, YOU!

Repercussions for decisions and actions a certainty, we must most certainly take ownership for results resulting directly from our words, our thoughts, our influence.

Excuse free? How hard can it be?

Remedy: Accept it as fact. I cause things to happen. I am a catalyst for good, yes, and one for bad. A sideways glance, or a decision made in haste, or a step into a London street without looking the right way (which is RIGHT, of course!), has a consequence. Others play a part, but ultimately, decisions I make begin a course of events.

Remedy: Grow up, folks, we make our own way, step up and accept what happens subsequent to things we do or say. Blame destroys braincells.

(I’m sure of it…..)

Remedy: But here’s the crux of, no, not my argument, but yes, my way of life. With the exception of the minute club of truly evil humanoids (I do question the humanity of some….read the news…..), “I personally believe” that folks like you, like me, want to do the right thing. We truly do want to take the high road, or make sure our kids are properly fed. I simply have difficulty wrapping my gray matter around someone thinking, “Hey, today I think I’ll make a bad decision, just for the fun of it! Vanilla Wafers for dinner! Woohoo!” Whatever our reasons for doing or saying anything, I am adamant we think we’re doing the best thing in the situation.

Remedy: Restating, we want to do the right thing! We do! And given the information we have at any given time, we make a decision based on what we know. (example–In London, I wanted to cross the street without injury. My mama taught me early to look for traffic, I did. I attempted my crossing. I wanted a good result. I did NOT, slim surprise, say to myself, “Hey, how about I cross the street without looking! Hey! Plan B! Awesome!” The fact I looked the WRONG way before being sideswiped by a cursing cabby in a giant black taxi is a choice I have to take ownership of. My choice, my fault. Move on. If my parts are still all intact.)

Remedy: Given the information I have and situation I’m in (ownership of sleepiness or distraction is mine, as well!) at any given time, I make the best decision I can. But! BUT! Given new information, given a new situation, I can make, what? A new decision?! Why yes!
Look at you, all grown up!
And again, I shall give it my all to make the best decision I can. (example–offered a delightful shrimp dish, lip-smackingly aromatic, suggested by former best friends earlier, I ordered, I inbibed, I retched, I chilled and fevered, and missed the rest of my seaside vacation. Best info resulted in “Hey, Shrimp!” Not a bad decision, but a bad result.
Trust me. Bad.
I had no reason NOT to try the shrimp. It was recommended by trusted chums, prepared and served at a clean, oceanside restaurant, and it smelled of heaven and angels! Can I fault my decision process? No. No. No guilt there. No reason to second guess. Just, sadly, an outcome I consider less than…..expected.)

Result: Guilt-free? Yes. I did the best I could with what I had. Do I wish the result had been….less explosive? Of course.
Oh my, of course.
Will I take greater care in food selection once my appetite returns? Most assuredly. New information means new decisions.

Ad infinitum.

Sermon concluded.

Hallah Hallah, Amen!