“It’s Good Enough for ME!”

Pondering yet again today.

Like all my days, actually.

I read a quotation this morning from the learned and wise Albert Einstein.  Whom, I’ve since learned, could cut quite the rug at Princeton faculty soirees.

Said he, ” It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Ever so humble.  I even felt a bit of flush of self-congratulations, for yes, I do indeed run near every fox to ground.  Much to the consternation of those in nearest proximity.

I digress, for in humility lies the problem.  If Einstein’s humility breeds pride in me, was the genesis of the process truly humility?  Or generosity?  Or subtly just the opposite?

And if one advertises ones humility, can it be truly defined as such?

And truly, just what is “humble pie,” anyway?

The mind reels.

The mind reels.

You Humble Servant,

Belles and Whistles